Granted this is a 24/7 dustbowl server and I was on it for 4 hours....

I played medic and engineer a round each but all other rounds were as a spy. I also only disguised as a Medic using the medi-gun. My nemesis there was also the only guy to pick up on that. He counts for about 1/2 of my deaths. Being plagued by connection issues prevented him from getting his score up. He should have been around at least 200 for as well as he was playing. I added him to my friends list before I left the server to take a break.

I must say it is good to be the king. :D My normal server and I'll be lucky to get in the top 6. Only time I can is on a "stacked" team where I'm a medic. My regular server I'm an average Joe, if that. This server I make the the stacked team.....the only reason I went there was to practice the spy changes with the scout update.

My primary class is engineer but the Sentry Guns got their response speed nerfed a long time ago and now the average player can't be harmed by a Sentry Gun unless they don't know where it is. I've seen pyros out strafe a level 3 if they are within a flaming distance when it notices them.

My secondary class is medic. Although it is quickly becoming my primary with the sentry gun issues. I tend to piss some people off as a medic. I get an uber then everyone that I heal while it is charged think I'm giving it to them. When in reality I'm just healing them back up. They don't realize that having an uber doesn't mean use it NOW NOW NOW. There is some strategy involved to it. I communicate and let the person know that I'm gonna uber them. My brother is really bad about taking off when I heal him then getting pissed when I don't actually uber him.

Spy is just a class I picked up out of boredom one day and discovered I had some talent with it on random days. Now I do pretty decent all the time. Some teams spy check and communicate to well and I can't even get close to getting things done before getting burnt to death.