Went and posted this about the origins of my name:

Creed was playing on the radio one day when I was trying to come up with a new name for a character in Diablo II after a ladder reset. Yeah I played the hell outta that game long after it should have been deceased, decomposed, and used as fertilizer for the upcoming Diablo III. Went through several iterations for the name. Creedmain -> Credmain -> Credmane. As is my habit I reuse part of my name in all the characters I make and knowing the reused part is what I'll be called by. In this case "Cred". Not liking the sound of that I ended up adding an "o" for "Credo". So I ended up with Credomane. Stopped playing Diablo II some time after that. Started using it everywhere after that. It is so bad that more people that I realize think it is my real name since everyone calls me by it. Work is the only place I'm not but even there a few do. Hell, I'm even topping Google for Credomane. :D

While entirely true I better lock the board registration now. >_> Probably gonna be getting more traffic here now. *Waves at those from Lotus*