No it is gone! Oh the agony! Now I can't run my little batch file to download all my mods and update them in one go. Now I am FORCED to use (God help us all) to update my mods. The only plus side I see is that has merged with so atleast will finally be up to date and not a month behind on wowace mods like it was in the past.

My update time is gonna be 6 hours every patch rather than spending 10 minutes updating my addons. Would be 1 minute if I didn't have 6 non-ace2 addons. You can bite me on the QQ I know why they did it and agree with them but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Yeah I know there is a curse addon updater available but those "updaters" have had viruses and key-loggers slip into them in the past. I have no desire to risk it. I'd rather figure out how their updater works then build my own little batch file to act like it. Will take some time but I will get it done.