My buddy +FFG+ Blues begged me to join his Highlander tf2 team Friendly Fire Gaming. He didn't actually beg but "You are Blues favorite medic" and "I trust you as a team medic who won't just die over and over" is close enough for me. I can't account for the truthfulness of his words but I accepted without hesitation non-the-less. I'm just messing with ya Blues, we all know how much you wait don't lie.

This was previously mentioned to me before several months ago if I would be interested. Always wanted to try my hand at a tourney. European Team Fortress 2 League are the hosts of the event. Seems even Valve is involved to some degree as all participants will get a medal while 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will get the standard award of Gold, Silver, and Bronze. I just hope the medals aren't that particular model on the site. Too close to the ones valve gave out a while back depending on when you bought TF2 compared to it's release date. Oh and here is the FFGaming's Team Roster.

Hope that is everything all typed up in a nice horrid mess. If not I'll just add more to that wall of kritz text.