I found that many problems with Window's Media Player, Internet Explorer 8, and Windows in general can be solved with a simple batch script. You can find it here: ie8-rereg Just make sure you run it as administrator or you will get access denied errors . I don't know how it happens but some of the dlls seem to get unregistered or their entries in the registry get messed up but this script re-registers them fixing the issue. Just make sure Internet Explorer 8 and Windows Media Player are closed, run the script as administrator and when the script is finished you shouldn't even need to reboot. Everything just starts working. This script is one of the first things I run on people's computers when I run into weird seemingly unsolvable issues. So far it has saved me countless hours of reinstalling windows on other's computers!! I know it won't solve everything but it just might solve what you need it too. I've personally ran this script on WinXP Home/Pro and Vista without issues. So far no one has had an issue where I needed to run this script on Win7. The design of the script is very straight forward and shouldn't cause any new issues but your mileage may vary, of course. I've compiled a small list of problem I've had fixed by this script. Generally if you have one of the listed problems you will have most of them and may not know it until you start testing everything I list here. Windows Media Player

Internet Explorer 8

Generic windows issues

Other Applications