Installation wasn't quite as easy as I'd hope. Had the exact same issues in Vista. Detects my Hard drives just fine but refuses to install to ANY of them claiming "Windows might not be able to boot from this device make sure it is enabled in the BIOS." In reality they will and do boot just fine. I have to get around this by hitting back and next to make it finally decide to install to my hdd. Problem number 2 is both Vista and Windows 7 mis-detect the supported refresh rates of my monitor. The max vertical refresh rate is 75hz not 78hz. Forcing me to boot into safe mode and edit the registry to make 78hz disappear as doing it any other way will still lead to a blank screen on a reboot. What ever happened to using the safe value of 60hz and letting the user decide what they really want to use for the refresh rate? So until I can find a monitor the Windows 7 doesn't mis-detect I'm stuck doing anything with it. Vista at least didn't suffer this problem until installing the graphics drivers. Windows 7 does it right on first boot from the hdd.