Everything thing that isn't a player character has had everything reduced by 30% and all player characters have been increased by about 5% on average. The result is horrible I expect to start seeing raid being preformed with 1/2 the required guys. I'm not a hardcore raider but this change makes the game truly boring for me. I've always been slightly bored with WoW but this is over the top here. We are gonna start seeing kara being done with 5 pre-kara geared people and it will probably be easier than it was before with 10 kara geared people. Most boss fights now take seconds rather than minutes. I did kara the day of the patch and we nearly got curator before he evocated. Damn lag spikes we had been suffering all night kicked in and left us with curator in an evocate and 2 spark floating about. Everyone took so little damage that even the healers were bored and thought about going on the offensive. Next week when the kinks are worked out I bet my guild can pull it off in less that a hour and a half.

I'm thinking about canceling my pre-order. I am not about to play a game that is this easy. Affliction Warlocks got the biggest buff in my opinion. New talent fear that heals them AND talent that makes oppenents leaving a fear be slowed for several seconds. As if being forced to suffer through a fear and living wasn't bad enough. Now you won't have a chance to kill the warlock before you die from DOTs anyways.