Hello there! My name is Credomane if you haven't already gathered that. As my free time permits my time is spent working on computers, gaming, coding and reading books in that order.


I've been taking things apart and putting it back together again for nearly as long as I can remember. Interest in both games and computers was ignited when my little brother and I were given a NES for an early Christmas present. Up until that point in my life I had no idea what video games were or even what a computer was for that matter. Video games had my attention from there on while computers came and went. Mainly due to the lack of a real computer in the household. That changed around 1995 when we finally got a family computer. I took it apart and put it together when mom wasn't around. Never understood what did what as we had dial-up internet and the search engines of the time were terrible. I think it was around 2003 I built my first computer which I used until 2009 when I built my second computer. When I say "my" I'm talking about my personal desktop. I built plenty of desktop computers for others between 2003 & 2009 and I still do today for that matter.


As I mention in the computers section my interest in video games started when my little brother and I were given a NES for an early Christmas present. Over the years I've owned a NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Nintendo Gameboy, Sega Game Gear, Virtual Boy, Playstation, PS2, and PS3. In mid-2007 I was in a flood and lost my NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Nintendo Gameboy, Playstation and PS2. Games that had some decent value (monetary or sentimental) that were lost in that flood. NES: Final Fantasy. SNES: Super Metroid and Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals (I had just managed to get my hands on it cheap the year before too!). Gameboy: Pokemon Red & Blue. The Sega Game Gear and Virtual Boy I didn't own for very long. Game gear was a battery eater and the virtual boy gave me a headache really quick as much as I loved Wario Land. I think my cousin ended up with both systems. I managed to salvage the games and cases (including the inserts) for the Playstation and PS2 but the manuals were lost as the pages became glued together. I purchased a PS3 in 2008 in order to regain access to my Playstation and PS2 games only to later discover Sony dropped support for PS2 games in the current PS3 model. Ended up buying a PS2 Slim several months later to play my ps2 games. Unfortunately, I've hardly used my PS3 at all because by the time I bought it my interest in PC gaming had completely taken over. I have the Orange Box (and Steam) to thank for that. Well they put the final nail in my console gaming interest. Doom 3, Neverwinter Nights, Wow, and I'm sure a few more I've forgotten about had already started killing off consoles for me.

PC Games I still play to some degree:

PC Games I'm waiting for their release or just some news about:

PC Games I've "quit" playing:


My "talents" in coding more or less follow the same path as my interest in computers. Not really sure what more to say. I haven't made any worth while applications other than a script here or there to fit some need I had. Plenty of unfinished projects that never had a real goal in the first place. Probably why they never got finished. List of languages I've made things with: Bash, Batch, C++, CSS, HTML, Lua, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP and Python. Of those languages I only Bash, Batch, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript and PHP any more.


I love to read whenever I can. Anything and everything is up for grabs here. If it grabs my interest I'll read it. I'm not ashamed to say I read the Twilight series...well maybe a little. :P

Books/Series on my reading list in no particular order:

Books/Series I've Finished and by no by no means a complete listing: